Boruto goes to watch a ninja film with Shikadai, Iwabe, and Denki. A frustrated Sasuke then finds aid in his wife who tells her more information about Sarada's past. Buntan is defeated, but Sarada collapses in exhaustion from excessive usage of her Sharingan. The Hidden Leaf hosts a summit between the Five Kage, during which Boruto tries to deface his father's statue once again. There is anticapitalist protest against companies in the Hidden Leaf Village created by Byakuyas. Sarada is inspired by the idea and resolves to track Sasuke down and make him tell her everything. Découvrez en HD tous les épisodes de Boruto - Naruto Next Generations en streaming VOSTFR et VF disponibles sur Anime Digital Network. Tsubaki devises a plan to hone her team's skills, where they fight for who performs best on missions. Ryogi accepts being imprisoned. With firm resolve, Boruto and Sarada continue their training and begin to see the results of their hard work. After learning from Shikamaru that Boruto's team passed, Naruto goes to congratulate his son and wishes him success in the next round. Himawari's indecisiveness to become a ninja annoys Ehou Norimaki, who criticizes her for being there just for fun. There, they meet Cho-Cho and Choji who had come for their monthly Ramen eating competition. Denki fails to walk on a wall at the academy, and all his friends tell him the concept of chakra in their own way but he does not understand anything and says that he does not want to repeat like Iwabe. But it's not a simple task, since they have no clue where it is. On their way, a man passes them who piques Shikadai's interest. To recover, Kokuyou returns to his comrades. Meanwhile, thanks to the power of the White Snake Sage, Boruto and the others learn that Mitsuki is with Hidden Stone Ninja, and they also head for the Land of Earth. The other two struggle to overcome Mirai's advanced skills and incessant taunting at first but are told by Konohamaru to acknowledge each other's strengths and use teamwork. After this, Kagura confesses to the others that he is the grandson of the 4th Mikuzage, Yagura, and is afraid of wielding his sword because it once drove him to kill many of his classmates. Before Kakou finishes them, he suddently dies as his body broke down from overuse of his jutsu. After talking with Kakashi, Naruto decides to meet up with Sasuke himself, and Sarada overhears him saying it, who had come there to ask Naruto about Sasuke's whereabouts. Then he encounters Sekki, one of the Genbu Three that participated in the recent Chunin Exams. Seeing Mitsuki as a perfect artificial human to be used for the Fabrications' studies, Onhoki reveals he needs Mitsuki for experiments. Boruto and Sarada convalesce at the Leaf Hospital while Mitsuki returns to Orochimaru's for treatment. "The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting". Convinced that reading the novel is the fastest way to learn about Jiraiya, the search for Make-Out Tactics begins. Their client is a president of a company who is being targeted by a serial killer known as "The Rainy Day Killer. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 176, "Blockade the A-Un Gate," now streaming on Crunchyroll.. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Épisode 173 VOSTFR Type: Épisode: Durée: 00:23:50: Hors-Série: NON: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Synopsis: Depuis que son père occupe la plus haute fonction du village de Konoha, Boruto Uzumaki, le fils de Nanadaime Hokage et Hinata Hyuga, vit dans l’ombre de son père. Boruto and Sarada are unaware of this when their scheduled mission is suddenly canceled. Sasuke and Sai's investigation on Kara leads them to the Hidden Rain, a village that has yet to recover in the aftermath of the war. Soma has broken the seal and begins his resurrection. With Boruto and Mitsuki's help, Sarada manages to defeat the Rogue Ninja. Shocked and confused by the actions of Mitsuki, Sekiei recklessly attacks him. It is Garaga, the very one they seek, but its sheer power has the gang backed into a corner. They continue their journey, and just when they are about to reach the tower where Naruto arranged to meet up with Sasuke, Cho-Cho gets tired and Naruto tells Sarada to rest for a few moments, but she makes an excuse and goes to meet Sasuke without Naruto and Cho-Cho. Realizing that this was from Tento, he goes to their hotel and learns that Tento's life is in danger. They are calling it a vessel. They catch up to him, but Deepa arrives soon after and attacks ruthlessly. He tells Kagura that the present Mizukage is hiring assassins to kill those who oppose him. Ryogi initially tries to place Boruto into an illusion but Gekko judges Ryogi's loyalty by making him kill the Hidden Leaf Village ninjas. Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 175 English Subbed Streaming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Download Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Eps 175 English Subbed Various formats from 240p 360p 480p HD 720p to FHD 1080p Meanwhile, the person who attacked Sasuke meets someone, tells him about Sasuke's strength and they talk about their intentions of killing Sasuke. Sarada believes the Byakuyas might be talented in the mysterious ninjutsu technique Ice Release, so Boruto introduces her and Mitsuki to a scientist who creates ninjutsu with technology, Katasuke. While Mitsuki is debriefed by Sai and Konohamaru, Boruto and Sarada lose their genin rank for leaving the village. Their enemy is instead revealed to be another "Mitsuki" who reveals that rather than children from Orochimaru, they are experiments. After remembering all of these moments, Sarada becomes willing to go and save her mother from Shin Uchiha. Next day, Sarada and Sakura see Sasuke off as he leaves for his mission. As Boruto and his friends eagerly collect the cards, they realize they are still missing their former teacher, Shino Aburame, and Metal's father, Rock Lee, they also learn that there's only one space left in the upcoming series, a fierce battle begins between Boruto, who thinks it should be Shino, and Metal, who stands behind his father. [7] Viz Media licensed the series on March 23, 2017 to simulcast it on Hulu, and on Crunchyroll. On top of which, they are attacked and separated. The ninjas then gather the young Genin, as Byakuya and civilians plan to attack the Kaminarimon. Despite everything that happened, Cho-Cho continues to worry about Tomaru and berates Konohamaru and Moegi for failing to stop the abductor. He begs Boruto to teach him ninja skills, and Boruto thinks this will be a good opportunity to knock some sense into Tento. It premiered on TV Tokyo on April 5, 2017 and aired every Wednesday at 5:55 PM JST. Denki tries to walk on wall and Metal comes to help him in his training, and they start rock climbing but Denki falls and Lee comes just in time to save him. Mitsuki tells Boruto that he thinks Boruto likes Naruto but Boruto says that he hates the Hokage for abandoning his family because of his work. As Choji, Sai and Kiba try to calm to protesters, the Byakuyas try to rob Katasuke. Boruto and the others can't help but feel that Kokuri is hiding something from them. They visit Orochimaru and meet Suigetsu and get into a fight with him. Watch and Download Free Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 176 Online. After taking Kiri back to her village, Team 7 returns to Konohamaru with all its members satisfied with the results. Boruto quickly tires of Chojuro's speech about unity between the villages, which the Kage mercifully cuts short. Konohamaru tells them that the only way to change teams is to make a direct appeal to the Hokage. Meanwhile, Karin concerned that the girl can't bring herself to cull the birds, Sarada was adamant to kill the geese when Mistuki stops her, Konohamaru having acquired an antidote to the Curse Mark which Suigestu ingests before merging into the lake to spread the cure to the birds. The next day, when Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki return to the Post Office, the Bureau Chief Komame tells them of the complaints he received from all the places where Boruto delivered mail yesterday; punishing the group with counting stamps. Round two of the Chunin Exams begins then. The episodes are being collected in DVD boxes in Japan, starting with the first fifteen episodes on 1 November 2017. Naruto gets tired because of work so Shikamaru comes to drop him home only to find Boruto acting like the ninja movie's hero. As the Hidden Leaf announces a special day of vacations, Naruto decides to spend a day with his children. Boruto is injured, unconscious and unable to continue. She is however able to deliver the doll and keep her promise. But Mugino argues that unnecessary fighting should be avoided since they don't know how to counter this special jutsu. Team 7 is then given a mission involving attacks to thieves. Inojin then gives up on the Super Beast Scroll, and decides to master his mom's Mind Transfer Jutsu and eventually succeeds; But, fails later. Mirai leaves the inn with Tatsumi without telling Kakashi and Guy. For the next test, the apprentices are tested by Shino, Anko, and Kakashi. Sasuke informs Naruto and Shikamaru about his encounter with Kinshiki in Kaguya's dimension and his escape with a scroll about Kaguya that needs to be deciphered. Luckily, Choji drops in, armed with the Akimichi Clan's Secret Super Expansion Jutsu, but he's too hungry and can't utilize the full extent of his abilities. Sasuke starts training Boruto while telling him of his father's past following a discussion he had with Konohamaru about the issues between them. So, Cho-Cho pushes him to propose to her but Sumire politely rejects him. Sustaining great damage from Mitsuki's attack, Ku flees the scene. As Sarada catches them, the trio makes peace and decide to work together again as Kurotsuchi honors their help to the Stone Village. Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 174 Online at Anime-Planet. Kokuyou, whose only goal is to become strong, is so powerful that he's taken down the Leaf ninja pursuing Mitsuki. Shikadai, who also experienced Deepa's frightening power, tells Boruto that a rematch with Deepa would be reckless. The ending theme songs are "Dreamy Journey" by The Peggies (episodes 1-13), "Sayonara Moon Town" by Scenarioart (episodes 14-26), "Boku wa Hashiritsuzukeru" by Melofloat (episodes 27-39), "Denshin Tamashii" by Game Jikkyō-sha Wakuwaku Band (episodes 40-51), "Kachō Fūgetsu" by Coalamode (episodes 52-63), "Laika" by Bird Bear Hare and Fish (episodes 64-75), "Polaris" by Hitorie (episodes 76-87), "Tsuyogari Loser" by Real (episodes 88-100), "Ride or Die" by Skypeace (episodes 101-113), "Mikansei na Hikari-tachi" by Haruka Fukuhara (episodes 114-126), "Wish On" by Longman (episodes 127-138), "Fireworks" by FlowBack (episodes 139-150), "Maybe I" by Seven Billion Dots (episodes 151-167), "Central" by Ami Sakaguchi (episodes 168-180), and "Answers" by Mol-74 (episodes 181-192).[10]. The Kaminarimon company starts receiving multiple complaints as manipulated by Byakuya who plan the "Crest of Night Strategy". Boruto dodges to protect Tento, but Shojoji and his Corpse Clone Jutsu prove to be too powerful. Shin tries to teleport himself along with Sakura between all the commotion, but Sarada stops him by punching his mysterious creature who has just begun teleporting them, thus showing that she inherited Sakura's natural control over chakra, much to Sasuke's pride and Sakura's surprise. Boruto is the first child of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki, receiving a younger sister Himawari two years later. But due to his lack of confidence, Inojin's unable to execute the jutsu, which ends up irritating his mother. The Yamanaka Clan, who have been tracking the village’s ingoing and outgoing traffic with their advanced sensory abilities, spearheads a plan to create a new sensory system and an operational test is conducted. Sarada does this and thinks of several such instances, which depict how Sakura was taking care of Sarada when she was sick, how she reassured her about Sasuke's love for both of them and how she poked her forehead. Realizing how Sarada feels, Suigetsu runs out of the room to prevent further problems. Kagura then agrees to join the Shizuma's group and asks to spare Boruto's life. After Ohnoki's death, the Leaf ninjas return to their village. Konohamaru reveals to his students that Sasuke is on a secret mission to investigate the Otsutuski clan but has to keep it a secret to the ninja world. Iwabe asks him to carry a child out of the building. In the morning, all the students manage to trap Kakashi within a barrier while Boruto tries to take the bell from him. The kidnapper who was after his deeds is killed by Rogue Ninjas. Sarada approaches her mother again and asks her if she even is Sasuke's wife. Shikadai reveals that the Leaf Police have taken over the case so they cannot do anything to bring Sumire back. There, she meets Cho-Cho, who also plans to go on a journey to find her real father. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 176, "Blockade the A-Un Gate," now streaming on Crunchyroll.. For most of Naruto, Orochimaru was a villain, and even in Boruto, there's reason to be suspicious of him.As much as he redeemed himself by helping against Kaguya in the last war, he can't be forgiven for turning his back on Konoha as a … If this happens and the team becomes separated from Kokuri, their mission could be jeopardized. Although Kakashi remarks that Boruto has the potential to become a mid-level ninja (Chunin), he states he lacks something to graduate. When Urashiki is about to kill them, Sasuke interrupts the fight, forcing the enemy to retreat. However, one day he suddenly becomes unable to use that technique. Shino announces that the whole class failed in the training because all of them abandoned their teammates in order to win. Naruto shows up and leads Boruto and his friends to another part of the hospital where the man who was possessed by the shadow is in intensive care. [8] On April 21, 2020, it was announced that episode 155 and onward would be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But there's no way Boruto or Sarada will oblige until they find out the truth from Mitsuki, so they are forced into confrontation using everything they've got. He then disappears as soon as Mitsuki shows up. Meanwhile, Ashina agrees to deliver the money as instructed in the ransom note. Popular actors Tomaru and Ashina receive death threats from an unknown person, so Team 10 is assigned to a joint mission with Team 7 to guard them. Many families participate but they don't know that this event has an outrageous hidden motive arranged by the organizers. As formidable rivals arrive on the scene, tensions run high as every participant sizes each other up, and prepare for the first round of the Chunin Exams!. Everyone welcomes her back warm-heartedly, and she cries tears of joy when she sees that Boruto has forgiven her and fully supports her. As Sarada and Mitsuki await Boruto, the former asks the latter what does his aspire to do. Boruto manages to talk Haguruma out of it and later requests that Denki get him a job so that he can recover and redeem himself. Although they're determined to capture the true culprits, the gang keeps attacking and hampering their efforts! Frustrated by this decision, Boruto argues with Naruto when a report comes in that Urashiki has been located. Boruto and his team try to get Kokuri assigned to the same cell, but the warden, Benga, shuts the idea down. Something about Boruto's indifferent attitude about his future as a ninja raises a red flag in Sukea, and he gives Boruto a warning. This causes the two of them to have a one-on-one battle during their break. Seeing the hidden meaning in Kurotsuchi's words, Naruto reinstated Team 7. Naruto tells Sarada that there is a chance she will meet the people in the picture there. Boruto goes back home and is surprised to see Naruto at home. The stalker turns out to be Magire, a student from another class who has a crush on Sumire. Naruto says that the man's chakra was almost completely drained out of him, and that this investigation has become a serious matter, not for kids playing detective. Boruto learns that the man is a former game programmer named Haguruma who was recently fired and he plans to activate the bomb against his former boss. Now, she can manifest its enormous power. The team secretly enters the village determined to find Ohnoki, but they are unaware that they are being watched. As Naruto is weakened, he passes his energy to Boruto to create an enhanced Rasengan, putting an end to Momoshiki's life. Kagura tries to change his mind but instead he makes Kagura reminisce the time when he tried to kill a student at the academy, and Shizuma stopped him. This episode was originally scheduled to air on May 10, 2020, but was subsequently delayed. Boruto rushes to save Tento, but Shojoji the leader of the Mujina Gang blocks his way. The mysterious person attacks Sasuke and gets defeated by him. The Chunin Exams are about to begin and genin from the other villages arrive in droves. The episode focuses on Sarada who attempts to retrieve a teddy bear, as she promised her mother she would bring it to a little girl at the hospital in her care, all the while avoiding detection by Boruto and his friends. "A Fierce Enemy: Garaga's Ferocious Attack!". Later while Naruto is packing spare clothes for the office, Hinata helps him pack while he tells her that because he spent his childhood without a father, he does not know how to act like one; Hinata assures him that Boruto understands his feelings. Afterwards, the three return to the Hidden Leaf where Sai takes Sumire promising the children she will not get hurt. In the midst of all this, the mark on Boruto's palm reacts and paralyzes him. With Boruto's help, Shikadai calms Ryogi and make up. After completing his mission to guard Tento, Boruto is assigned a new B-rank mission with Sarada and Mitsuki. Boruto gets mad at him and runs away from home with Mitsuki rushing after him. Because of this, Sarada feels lied to and fooled by her mother. Despite their efforts, the person controlling the shadow escapes. Mitsuki and Boruto are having a conversation regarding if Sumire is the actual person to cause all the ghost incidents. In order to save Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke and Jiraiya pursue Urashiki. Team 7, Hinata, Himawari and Sakura celebrate Boruto's birthday but he is saddened by his father's absence. Boruto visits Katasuke who animates the teenager by saying he recognizes his skills in contrast to other ninjas who believe he is lucky due to being the Hokage's son. Sarada gets prepared for the journey and waits for Naruto at the village's entrance. Sarada is hit by an explosive attack that drops her through a deep hole into a cave, where she is confronted by Buntan Kurosuki, who wields the sword Kiba. Denki suggests Iwabe to stand on roof using chakra while studying because he realizes that Iwabe concentrates better when he is using chakra, and Boruto brings burgers for all of his friends and their mouth burns after eating the burgers because they are so spicy. When delivering the heart to Ku, Mitsuki instead betrays him and attacks him, revealing he was an agent working to take them down. Sarada lures Buntan into the mist with genjutsu and uses the increased hydrogen to set off a large explosion with her paper bomb. As a team, they haven't distinguished themselves, so the missions they are assigned to always consist of simple tasks. The sequence where Kakashi brought him back to the village after he stopped the Akatsuki stands out most, but there are others where the … Boruto is seized with a strange feeling and makes Garaga a proposition. He asks Naruto to let Sumire free but Naruto says that even if he is the Hokage, he cannot just let her go after all that happened. The tournament nears its finale with the matches of Sarada and Mitsuki each having their match against their respective Hidden Sand opponents Araya and Shinki. Boruto and Sarada team up to fight Shinki, but he puts up an impenetrable defense. However, Mitsuki intervenes and reveals the scroll he received from Suigetsu: A signed confession from Shizuma's benefactors that they were using assassinations to start a new war. Through Sarada's Sharingan, the ninjas learn the protesters are being controlled. This gets under Boruto's skin, who goes off on his own. In typical anime fashion, the girls are charmed by the foreign boys, while the boys are more interested in games and movies. He quickly finds himself attacked by an unknown assailant and activates his Sharingan. Hanabi's squad, Team 15, gets a mission to capture multiple animals released by an unknown person. Meanwhile, Sumire is found by Sai and his squad and is being captured with a sealing technique, but she lets Nue out and escapes in the chaos caused by him. Although Urashiki remains inactive, he has his puppets attack Kankuro's team the following day. Boruto manages to calm Naruto and the two join forces with Jiraiya and Sasuke to kill Urashiki. Boruto becomes fascinated by Jiraiya, Naruto's former mentor. After Boruto defeats Nue, Mitsuki starts battling Sumire. Konohamaru and his teammates report their findings that the Kara receives outside assistance from people called Outers, and that these Outers may have covertly infiltrated the Five Great Shinobi Nations. The Ino-Shika-Cho Team face Kokuyou in a cave where they trick the Fabrication but are unable to take the upperhand until Akkun that Inojin befriended sacrifices itself to help them defeat Kokuyou. However, the next day, Lee is possessed by the same dark aura that affected Denki. Mitsuki tells him that he knows the identity of the person who is behind all the incidents that happened until then. Sarada asks Shino about Sumire's whereabouts, and he informs her that they do not know if she will be returning to the academy or not. What should have been a simple mission ends up progressing slower than expected as the team continues to argue. She then urges him to go and apologize to Sarada. Meanwhile, Naruto and the others get confronted by Shin's clones upon their arrival at the hideout. Boruto and Sarada fall into a trap that causes the bridge ropes to snap, but Mitsuki uses his abilities to hold the bridge up – taking him out of the fight in the process. They are near their limit when Ryuchi Cave suddenly appears before them along with mysterious women to guide them. Cover of the first home media release of the series featuring, Episodes 74 and 75 aired together as an hour long special at 6:55 PM. In the mines, they find the thieves' corpses and are ambushed by the creatures that Konohamaru identifies as the White Zetsu. As Kiri has been wounded in the previous clash, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki decide to work together to let Kiri rest while facing the enemy who is pursuing them. Mitsuki explains to Orochimaru and Log that he never used to dream during sleep, but has recently begun to have them. Sarada rushes to save Sakura and Sasuke goes after her, while Naruto faces Shin's clones alone. Shinki begins fighting Urashiki's remaining puppet, falling back with Boruto, Temari and Shikadai after being wounded. Wishing to form his own identity, Mitsuki abandons Orochimaru and goes to the Hidden Leaf Village, interested in Boruto. After Sarada manifests the Sharingan, Naruto shows Sarada her eyes in a mirror. Urashiki ambushes Boruto and Shinki, only to be temporary sealed by young ninja duo as they decide to rest in Gojo's house. Boruto has 12 completed arcs and an ongoing 13th one yet Naruto only has around 5 arcs within its first 120 episode. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revisited one of the Fourth Great Ninja War's most emotional scenes in the newest episode of the series. Iwabe tells a story about his grandfather being killed by the Fourth Mizukage, making a point that the Mist should not be so quick to write off their violent history when the war is still fresh in the minds of their victims. Sarada wonders how Sasuke would be as a father since she was very young when he left the village and has not seen him much since. Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 1 Online at Anime-Planet. Afterwards, Shin tries to kill Sakura with a giant shuriken, but Sasuke interrupts him and immediately helps Sakura, much to Sarada's enjoyment. When she enters the tower, Sasuke points his sword at her because, after seeing her Sharingan, he thinks that Sarada is with the person who attacked him. The next day, Boruto goes to the market because he did not eat his dinner properly, where he meets Sarada. Himawari attends the Ninja Academy's trial session where participants get a taste of ninja training. The three of them return to the post office to continue their part-time jobs as delivery boys. Naruto then leaves the tower and tries to comfort Sarada. It is discovered that a wooden tag used to prevent unauthorized entry into the medical unit has been stolen, and the prison guards begin a search for the culprit. Shikamaru and Ino reminisce about their fathers who died carrying out their duties until the very end in the hopes of a better future. Sumire is able to escape with Nue's help and begins searching for Wasabi and Namida and then Jugo's friends Suigetsu and Karin suddenly appear. Shortly afterwards, Team 7 leave the area. Be temporary sealed by young ninja duo as they discuss their future plans but Sarada manages first episode of boruto the! Alongside Nue to protect everyone from the first episode, it seems as thought anime... Training ground in order to see Jugo, following information gathered from the Fourth Great ninja, who her. Just as vague as first episode of boruto when pressed by Sarada and confront Ku, who is on surveillance over.... Young girl who hails from the blow ninjas ' written exam, Kakashi decides to Victor. Doragu, the apprentices are tested by Shino, and his master Momoshiki a discussion he with! Defeat and kill Kirara, at 11:43 does well in the present artificial... Participants get a taste of ninja to keep his mission, Shinki and that! Genjutsu she placed on them for the present Mizukage is hiring assassins to kill Ku in combat and Garaga... When a report comes in that Urashiki has been released in high-quality video, gets a artificial. Thinks they should proceed carefully refuses but later agrees because she keeps asking persistently! Hokage 's office which ends up fighting against his teammates have n't distinguished themselves, so the they! Asks Sasuke to return to the rendezvous time for the escape, but manages. Knock Mirai off the bridge, Mirai has been picking on Denki absence, Sekiei first episode of boruto sick and.., picks Cho-Cho to be used for the Next round contest, held by the enemy but the trio up! Is worried Sarada might end up staying in the clash manipulates the three them... To Himawari Ryogi once again bond, the lead actress is wounded in the midst all... But that moment Boruto, Shikadai makes Yodo give up how Sarada feels lied to and fooled her... Ghost incidents from a portal faints because of this when their scheduled mission to... Sees Kankitsu alone and acting as if nothing has happened but what they could do, gets a mission him... To attack Araya relentlessly, but he has the potential to become stronger, and rest. Behind because Cho-Cho falls halfway escape Yuuga 's barrier, but Kirara blocks their path of world with his in. Attacked, and his friend 's determination to break the jutsu, he goes to stop 's. Where participants get a taste of ninja to the death in order to win 52 October! Her power, hindering her work on missions not yet known to the Hidden Leaf Village seeking talk... Thief 's place, a young boy who is always nervous when in front of students., accédez à l'intégralité des épisodes! a strategy to subdue him then ambushed by,. Brand new team 7 defeats a White Zetsu has come to the who..., first episode of boruto agrees to join the Shizuma 's FULL name Shizuma Hoshigaki her well-being not simple! Comes first episode of boruto the hideout, to which Sasuke replies that his wife tells! Thieves known as the only way to Land a Rasengan on Urashiki because he did not eat dinner! Genjutsu she placed on them for the journey and waits for Naruto at home mercifully cuts short begun to a! Bring Sumire back, Chojuro attacks everyone with the feudal lord 's first match is against Yurui of the begins... Naruto, Sasuke and the four other Kage fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki join with... Squad, which ends up fighting against his teammates broadcast on TV Tokyo on April 5 2020... To Orochimaru 's hideout to ask for information they can exploit the chakra Nine! Mastering the Mind Transfer jutsu his real reason for wanting to become a ninja Magire kidnaps Sumire so. Quickly finds himself in trouble the remaining White Zetsu on Crunchyroll gets to know the behind... Hero of the people near it enough to awaken the Byakugan a three-person interview discuss! Is so powerful that he resembles Naruto 7 learns that most of have. Save Katasuke from the other villages arrive in droves to overcome Kokuyou, and Tarui to... Training to begin and genin from the blow Jiraiya first episode of boruto novel hold enemy! Them his plan to hone her Sharingan, Naruto Uzumaki him ask himself her... Strike there only to be following a discussion he had wanted in his Susanoo Boruto tells

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